In elementary school, I enjoyed buying gifts for the teachers for holidays and end of the year. I was the mom that put together the collections to give the teacher a group gift. We also always gave the teacher a thoughtful, personal gift because when I thought about how involved the teacher was in my daughter’s everyday life—especially as a working mom, I couldn’t be more grateful.

Now she’s in high school. It’s different. She’s one of 150 students that each teacher sees every day for 42 minutes. Gifts for each teacher are no longer something that is typically done. But, what about that stand-out teacher? The one that treats your kid with such respect that your child admires her.  There was an English teacher that noticed an undercurrent of an issue with another student and was concerned. The teacher went out of her way to help diffuse a potential situation that no one really even knew about. And in the process earned my daughter’s utmost respect.

Yes, this year I will write a letter to the principal recognizing the teacher. But we’ll also send a gift card right to her in box to a local restaurant for her family to enjoy. My daughter could drop a gift card in an envelope and hand it to her during passing time. But I want her to know I appreciate the personal interest she took in my daughter outside of just “Who was the protagonist in Of Mice and Men” and far beyond “using a consistent tense in writing an essay”. I am hoping this personalized gift will show the teacher I see her more than just the English teacher but as a kind and good person who cares.

So, along with a thank you note, we’ll send an Olive Garden digital gift card directly to the teacher’s inbox. Because I know she recognizes that my daughter is also a kind and good person who cares.  The personalized video and message my daughter creates to send the online gift card will make it that much more special to this awesome teacher!