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eGifter joined the digital gifting space with a focus on disruption. The eGifter founders observed that the industry seemed slow to adapt to mobile and social trends. To their surprise, they also saw an industry that seemed void of a nimble and creative company that also had a truly enterprise-grade offering. Coming from an enterprise Internet security and business continuity background, they seized the opportunity to disrupt the industry.  Since inception, eGifter has been a trailblazer with a constant stream of innovation. The company operates three primary lines of business.

eGifter CEO Tyler Roye speaks with Joe Connolly

eGifter CEO Tyler Roye speaks with Joe Connolly from WCBS880 about how eGifter has claimed a market leading position in the gift card space with an array of platforms that help businesses grow by delighting their employees, partners, customers and prospects.


This is where it all began for eGifter, as the first website and mobile app in the market to offer mobile friendly design, group gifting, personalized eGreeting cards with video messages, social integrations, regifting and the list goes on.  Today, eGifter offers 300 brands of digital gift cards to consumers, most in variable denominations (down to the penny).  All of our gift cards are new (not resold), authorized by our brand partners and designed to work, whether printed or presented from a mobile device.  eGifter has more than 300 brands and growing, and more than a dozen ways to pay — more than any other gift card app in the world.

Digital Gifting Platform

When our brand partners saw our innovations, they asked the obvious question: “do you have that as a white-label service I can plug into my website or app?”  The founders’ history in delivering multi-tenant software-as-a-service (SaaS) enabled them to answer with a resounding “Yes!” Today, dozens of the world’s largest brands use eGifter technology to drive their innovative gifting programs online.  eGifter also sells its technology to digital wallet providers, or any app or marketplace looking to add gift card sales to the mix, both domestically and abroad.

Rewards & Incentives Platform and Services

In 2015, eGifter expanded its platform to support sales of gift cards to corporate buyers for incentive and rewards, both through the eGifter Rewards platform and via API.  Today, eGifter’s offerings include all of it’s 300 brands, plus the gift of choice, the eGifter Rewards Choice Card™ — as well as the Virtual Vanilla Visa card.  eGifter can deliver a white-label Incentive & Rewards Marketplace embedded in any web or mobile application.

Delivering memorable and rewarding gift-giving experiences that connect people in meaningful ways, both professionally and personally, is what eGifter is all about.

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