Group Gifting

Maximize Gift Card Sales with eGifter Group Gifting.

Drive up your average gift card value and acquire new customers with Group Gifting from eGifter.

  • Customized Gift Page for family and friends
  • Social Sharing Tools 
  • Mobile Responsive User Experience
  • Animated Greeting Cards
  • Personalized Messages & Photos
  • Business Intelligence & Comprehensive Reporting
  • Zero Integration Required
  • Secure Checkout (PCI Compliant)
  • Merchant of Record Service Available 
  • Fraud Indemnification Available
Home Depot - Group Gifting

Featured Client | Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn turned to eGifter to add group gifting to their digital gift card program. Group gifting helps increase average gift card order value when friends and family “chip in” on a gift card. The service is especially popular during holidays like Mother’s Day and Christmas.

Pottery Barn - Group Gifting

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