eGifter appreciates when a Mom Blogger, recognizes just how awesome group gifting technology is and how perfect it is for teacher gifts from the class.

The following is from the blog post of All Dressed Up & Nothing To Drink

Did you know teachers spend approximately 900 hours per year with our kids in a classroom? Whew! When I think of the amount of tantrums, resistance and overall grumpy moments my kids have in 900 hours, I want to curl up on the couch and take a nap.

I also think of the amount of aha! moments, belly laughs and milestones they have in 900 hours and I melt. Our teachers are there for the good, bad and ugly, and they want to see each and every one of their students succeed.

Here are a few ways to say thanks to one of the most influential people in your child’s life.

For the Group Gift

I have been Room Mom in the past. I am not a Room Mom-type of mom, if that make sense. I can’t stand e-mailing people over and over, asking for money for a class gift, fielding 50 different questions and taking into account a million opinions. I just want to GET IT DONE. eGifter is possibly the most brilliant idea I have seen for this scenario. eGifter is a free and easy to use app that makes it easy for classroom families to privately collect funds and leave personal messages for their kids’ amazing teachers.

Best of all, recipients receive the eGifter Choice Card, which gives them the freedom to mix and match from hundreds of popular gift cards ranging from Macy’s, Lord & Taylor, Sephora, Ulta, American Airlines, Uber and so many more.  eGifter is focused on convenience.  They’ve eliminated the hassles associated with class gifts such as IOUs, checks via backpacks and stressing over the perfect gift. 100% of the contributions go directly to the recipient’s gift.


You can read the blog post in its entirety here.