Digital Gift Cards are Hotter than Ever!

Once considered a catch-all gift when you didn’t know what to buy someone, gift cards are now about an entire gifting experience. Easier than ever to purchase online, you can add a personal message, image or video. You also have the option to have others chip in so you can purchase one large gift as [...]

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5 Traits of Wildly Successful Entrepreneurs

You can read 1,000 books on the subject and the takeaways will be different every time. After reading at least a dozen of said books, here are the common denominators I found of successful leaders. 1. Risk Taker – You can’t be afraid to take risks. If you want safe, maybe a more secure, weekly [...]

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The Gift of Entertainment

As we’ve all experienced, computers, mobile phones, and tablets have changed entertainment forever. And the way we use gift cards has transformed how consumers pay and interact with their music, games, movies, using eGift cards from companies like eGifter via a desktop or mobile device. The variety of cards is wide and continues to grow. [...]

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