Merchant Solutions Features

Comprehensive and customizable merchant solutions features to fit your business.

Merchant Solutions Features B2B Sales Portal

eGifter Merchant Solutions Features can be customized for your specific needs. Choose the features you want for a gifting experience that will delight your customers.

Mobile Gifting

All eGifter Merchant Solutions Features are inherently mobile-compatible due to their responsive design. As such, the eGifter Gift Card Experience can become part of your mobile website and/or mobile apps. Our system is integrated with Apple Passbook and Google Wallet, enabling the recipient to save their eGift Cards directly to these popular wallets.

Group Gifting

Users can invite friends to “chip-in” on a gift card. Group gifting leads to multiple contributors to a gift, resulting in higher average order values and new customer acquisition. Individuals who might buy a gift elsewhere can now get together to buy a single gift from your brand instead. Group gifts help you acquire new customers each time someone is invited to participate, and increase average order value.

Social Gifting

Users can send gifts to their friends via Facebook, triggering friend-to-friend marketing for your brand in their social networks. What’s more, with eGifter, each social gift generates social impressions directly in the newsfeed and delivers add-on marketing value.

Promotions Engine

Our Platform is pre-configured to support popular promotions such as BOGO (“Buy One, Get One”) or other card-linked bonuses, as a result, helping you drive direct sales of eGift cards while creating even more social exposure for your brand when friends share the offer with their closest friends. Learn more here.

Photo & Video Messages

Each user who sends a gift or makes a contribution to a group gift can add a photo or record their own video to accompany their message. The recipient will receive the chosen eGreeting card with the embedded messages and photos or videos. Video greetings are even cross-platform compatible, so it doesn’t matter what type of device a consumer uses to record it or play it back.

Security & Fraud Prevention

eGifter can serve as Merchant of Record, for a truly turnkey managed deployment that includes customer support, credit card processing and 100% fraud indemnification. Alternatively, we can connect to your existing Merchant Account and provide a suite of fraud tools. Our Platform is PCI-DSS Level 1 Compliant and requires two factor authentication to access reporting and management tools.

Insightful Analytics

Our Reporting Dashboard provides you with comprehensive performance metrics on-demand. See KPI related to traffic, sales, faceplate selection, device types, and more. In addition, reports can also be scheduled for email delivery. Lightening-fast transaction-level detail reporting is available for authorized users for reconciliations and customer service.

Easy Integration
(or None!)

eGifter offers a Quick Start digital gift card program that requires ZERO integration for a fast time to market, or as an interim step while integration is underway. In addition, our robust API and mobile SDK simply the IT effort for fully integrated implementations. Preview our API here.

Payment Options

When eGifter is Merchant of Record, we offer multiple payment options including PayPal, Credit Card, Express Pay from American Express, Apple Pay and more. Choose the payment methods that work best for your brand.

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