Fight Fraud on Your Own Terms

eGifter is the only provider who offers 100% fraud indemnification, as well as an option for retailers who want to maintain Merchant of Record status and handle fraud with their own systems.

eGifter offers a turnkey solution including Merchant of Record service. In this model we are responsible for all disputes and chargebacks, completely indemnifying the merchant from fraud. We are PCI DSS Level 1 compliant, providing you with peace of mind for your outsourced solution. This model is ideal for restaurants, service providers, and merchants who are not engaged in ecommerce outside of gift card sales.

For brands who already have a fraud strategy, we can integrate with your existing shopping cart and checkout. This is commonly chosen by ecommerce retailers who have a robust ecommerce infrastruture already in place, and want to offer a “mixed cart” option so consumers can purchase a gift card as well as other merchandise in a single transaction.

There are also hybrid solutions available, such as using eGifter’s checkout page connected to your own Merchant Account, or using eGifter’s Fraud Tools a la carte with your own checkout. Contact us today to determine the right solution for your organization.

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