Branded eGift Card MarketplaceTM

eGifter’s Branded Gift Card MarketplaceTM is a turnkey, white-label gift card marketplace for web and mobile that you can brand as your own to quickly launch an eGift card solution.

Take the Leading Position in your Country or Region


We can localize the solution for any language and currency.

Monetize an Existing Audience or User Base

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Add gift cards as a new revenue stream.

Provide Value-Added Solutions to Acquire New Customers


Gift cards help bring in new users and keep them coming back.

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In the US, the platform is available pre-populated with over 300 top national and online brands. Additionally, in the US eGifter can be the Merchant of Record and indemnify you from fraud.

International partners can populate their Marketplace with their own regional retailers. The platform is designed for easy localization of currency and language.

Your customers will love the ease of use and convenience of buying their favorite eGift Cards from you, on the web or in native mobile apps.

  • Instantly launch a new revenue channel with our turnkey hosted platform
  • Includes eGifter’s signature features: animated greeting cards, video and photo messages, group and social gifting.
  • Gives your customers more buying options
  • Includes a comprehensive management portal for managing brands, orders and more.
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In any geography, eGift Cards can provide a valuable new revenue stream for an existing site or app, helping you monetize an existing audience or engage a niche market. Over $100 Billion is spent on gift cards annually. In the US alone, 93% of consumers purchase or receive a gift card every year, each spending an average of $213/year on gift cards.

Other Branded Marketplace Opportunities:

  • Coupon Apps
  • Messaging Apps
  • Carriers
  • Shopping Apps
  • Reservation Apps
  • Review Apps

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