I had really thought I was done with school shopping for my 16 year old. Wasn’t it just last month when I spent a fortune on new school clothes? But the very first day there was a chill in the air, I was hit with a barrage of texts to inform me of what she needed…IMMEDIATELY.

  1. The most expensive boots known to man only from “down under”
  2. A jacked from some place in the North
  3. New Jeans in a specific shade of dark blue
  4. Leggings in patterns that didn’t seem right to wear out in public.
  5. Feet Pajamas–Really? For a 16 year old kid.

Friends–Here’s a tip.  Before you head off to fill and freshen a Fall wardrobe, head to the eGifter site. You’ll earn points by buying gift cards for the stores where you are shopping and use to pay.  While your fashionista twirls around in her new duds, you can apply those points on a discount for you.  Not such a bad deal after all.