I have a friend who tells me he is a bonafide geek. I don’t like putting a label on anyone but he seems to wear it proudly. He tells me there are 17 Geek Conventions that are on his bucket list.

His birthday comes along and my eyes just automatically roll. It’s a reflex. But I figured something out a couple of years ago and it makes us both so happy!

Rather than me trying to figure out what version of what gadget he needs or wants, I send him a personalized digital gift card. It’s right up his alley.  eGift Cards are not like a last minute “Oh no! I NEED-a-gift this instant” kind of Gift. They are thoughtful and sent via email or social media. It definitely adds a cool factor to the gift.

Here’s what I love about gifting with digital eGift cards:

1. Personalization – Add an eGreeting card, photo, custom video or nothing at all.
2. Easy of Delivery – Schedule it to arrive on any day you choose. Need to change the date? That’s okay too.
3. Claiming the Gift is a Snap – You literally click on a link and open the gift, greeting card and message.
4. Notification – I get a notice when the gift is open and claimed by the recipient
5. No Fees – There is no cost to send an eGift Card from eGifter
6. Earn points – For every gift purchased, you earn points from eGifter. Use your points for savings on future purchases.
7. Insider’s Club – eGifter has an Insider’s Club—a special rewards program where you earn even more points

With all these benefits, I can’t find a single reason not to send gifts this way. And my tech buddy is tickled when he gets it from me!