eGifterICeGifter is proud to announce its new loyalty program, the eGifter Insider Club™! The program is currently open for membership to all eGifter customers. Members can earn up to 15 points per $1 spent at or on the eGifter app and then use those points towards future purchases! Points do not expire so there is no limit to how much Members can earn.

eGifter Insider Club™ Members save on eGift Card purchases throughout the year – from clothing and apparel to groceries; from movie tickets to favorite restaurants.

Additional eGifter Insider Club™ Member benefits include:

  • Save money on every eGift Card purchased by receiving up to 28 Points for every $1 spent (yes, that’s up to 28% Points!!!)
  • All eGifter members save money on every eGift Card purchase, but Insiders receive more Points for every dollar spent.
  • Earn bonus points when paying with Credit Card, PayPal and more.
  • Use the eGifter Points earned for a discount on the next purchase or accumulate them to get free Gift Cards!
  • Receive exclusive offers and bonuses from eGifter brands. (over 225 brands!)
  • Stack up the savings! Use eGift Cards in combination with coupons and sales from favorite brands.
  • Each eGifter Insider Club™ Member receives two (2) exclusive Invites for two special friends to join eGifter Insiders and share the savings. The Insider Member will also will get 500 points per new Member that joins Insiders and makes a purchase, and they will receive the same benefits.
  • Once a Member becomes an Insider, they will also have access to our friend referral bonus program. When an Insider refers a friend and they sign up for, the Insider will receive 100 points after the friend’s first purchase.
  • For a limited time, first year Insider Club™ Membership is FREE and only $9.95/year to renew.

Click here to join the eGifter Insiders Club today!