eGifter Order Management SystemTM

Advanced order management solution to manage gift card orders.

Easily streamline the flow of gift card orders for production, processing, distribution and fulfillment — synchronizing multiple parties in the process.

eGifter Order Management System™ (OMS) connects the myriad of pathways gift cards travel between retailers and their service providers, distribution partners, stores and franchises. The solution provides end-to-end workflow automation designed to help streamline the flow of gift card orders for production, processing, distribution and fulfillment — synchronizing users from multiple parties in the process.

A powerful all-in-one back office solution for order management

Drive operational efficiency and automate your back-office processes with eGifter’s powerful all-in-one order management system.

  • Connect Sales Channels

  • Automate Order Routing

  • Inventory Management

  • Workflow Automation

  • Analytics/Reporting

  • Customer Management

  • API Available

  • Monitoring & Alerts

  • Catalog Management

  • Order Fulfillment

  • Customizable UI

  • Easy Integration

Order Management Solutions

A comprehensive platform designed to make order management simple.

eGifter API Screen

eGifter Order Management APITM

The eGifter Order Management API™ allows a retailer to perform functions of the OMS without using the interface. Instead they provide order data via a series of API calls. This eliminates the need for a user(s) to have to manually input data.

OMS Screens

eGifter Customer/Store & Franchise ModuleTM

The Customer/Store & Franchise Module can be added to eGifter OMS enabling individual store locations, franchises or corporate customers to order gift cards and associated products.

Taylor Screen Workflow

eGifter Workflow ModuleTM

The eGifter Workflow Module™ enables enterprise accounts to more efficiently manage creative assets in preparation for production and fulfillment. All proofing and approvals are moved seamlessly through the process by the workflow engine where Department Admin can review, approve/reject orders. The resulting SKU’s can be made available for OMS system users to order.

eGifter Sales Tax Module™

eGifter Sales Tax ModuleTM

eGifter Sales Tax Module™ can be added on to the Store & Franchise Module to calculate sales tax due for taxable services based on location, such as shipping (taxable services will be defined by Client) and add these to the total for the order. The module will enable the Client to download a monthly sales tax report showing the sales tax for each location and related tax jurisdiction.