Refreshing to see “Gift Card Girlfriend” list eGifter as one of the leaders in the gift card app industry. Here is snippet from their article…

Use eGifter to Send a Group Gift Card

If you want to collect money for a group gift, then the eGifter gift card app is just what you need this holiday season.

Choose who the gift recipient will be, select a Gift Card from a list of the popular retailers and restaurants and enter the dollar value you’d like to send. Then invite friends to chip in on the gift via your contact list on mobile, email, facebook, and more.

The dollar value of the card can be split evenly or guests can decide how much to contribute. They can even add a personalized image or video message to be delivered along with the Gift card. Schedule a date for delivery and decide if you want the group gift sent privately via email or publicly posted to the recipient’s Facebook page.

Gifts can be printed or arrive via the recipient inbox, mobile deice or social media message.

Gift cards truly make group gifting easier than ever before and nobody gets stuck paying out of pocket for friends who say they’re going to contribute but forget to send money.