You can read 1,000 books on the subject and the takeaways will be different every time. After reading at least a dozen of said books, here are the common denominators I found of successful leaders.

1. Risk Taker – You can’t be afraid to take risks. If you want safe, maybe a more secure, weekly paycheck is right for you. You can’t be a kamikaze risk taker with no forethought but you’ve got to have it in you to take a leap of faith when you feel it in your gut.

2. Decisive – You have to be able to take a stand and go for it. If you are wrong, you adjust—pivot and get back on the right path.

3. Rock star Communicator – If you are an effective communicator, motivational with your words, can gain loyalty with your praise and can articulate well, you definitely stand a chance.

4. Disciplined – It’s so easy to get sucked into the minutiae. Take the ball, bring it down the field 5 yards at a time but always know how you plan to complete the play.

5. Hardworking – You might think that’s a given but it’s not. Some people want to sit back and watch. In real life that doesn’t typically work—pun intended. Not only must you be involved in everything—especially in the beginning, if you are not willing to give 150% how can you expect others to do so.