eGifter Sells Uber Gift Cards For Bitcoin With 2% Cashback

Taxi companies may have a leg up over Uber when it comes to accepting Bitcoin payments. Various cab companies do so already, in an effort to regain their top position in the market. Bitcoin users would like nothing more than to pay popular mainstream services with cryptocurrency. Uber is one of the top companies that [...]

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eGifter Allows Bitcoin Purchases for Dunkin’ Donuts Customers

eGifter, a service that accepts bitcoin payments for gift cards, has recently added Dunkin’ Donuts, a major coffee and donut chain, allowing customers to effectively pay with bitcoin using eGifter online gift cards. According to eGifter blog post, although the coffee chain does not accept the digital currency directly, it allows its customers to purchase [...]

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Donuts for Bitcoin: eGifter Launches Dunkin’ Donuts Gift Card

Patrons of Dunkin’ Donuts, a major coffee and donut chain, can now pay with bitcoin by using an eGifter online gift card. Purchasers earn up to 3% eGifter bonus points. Online gift cards provide a way for bitcoin users to use bitcoin from companies that don’t yet directly accept it, thereby providing more ways to [...]

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eGifter’s Roye Discusses Bitcoin, New Business Models And Disruptive Technology

David Smith recently spoke with eGifter CEO and co-founder Tyler Roye to discuss eGifter, bitcoin, and the emerging payments landscape. eGifter enables thousands of consumers to shop at big name brands, like Chili’s and Foot Locker, using bitcoin. eGifter helps these brands test the benefits of bitcoin without directly accepting it themselves.  Roye looked at why bitcoin enables [...]

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